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Akb48 dating ban

akb48 dating ban

a fan, in violation of a no dating clause in her contract. The reasoning behind the no dating clause is that the stars must stay single in order not to shatter the dreams of fans. "My name is Minami Minegishi of AKB48 Team B she says, referring to the hugely successful group she became a founding member of seven years ago. Some members that were involved in scandals were fired or graduated - this probably has to do with the members initial popularity and how they feel about the situation themselves, if they feel remorseful and think the wota will understand and forgive. There is a reason why they are called idols in Japan - they arent human, they are idols you look up to and admire from afar. Older singers graduate and are replaced by trainees selected at Pop Idol-style auditions, held twice a year.

akb48 dating ban

Posting this tearful apology after violating her group s dating ban to spend the night with her boyfriend.
AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules.
AKB48 idol begs for fans mercy after breaking dating ban Tonsu red: AKB48 idol Minami Minegishi attends a Tokyo event in November 2011.
That while it is understandable for companies to impose a datin g ban on idols.
10 Years In The Idol Industry: AKB48 Minami Takahashi.

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Photo: 'No dating' is a serious part of AKB48s management rules the idea being that if they dont have boyfriends, they wont shatter fans illusions of their cuteness. But are AKB48 really that bad? Auditions are a norm, the band is named after the Akhibara area of Tokyo (AKB and the 48 stands for the original number of girls. A represents freedom, B is the idol-like team with cute costumes and K is meant to represent strength and power. The girls typically wear short skirts with long socks (the 'schoolgirl' look is part of their image) or dance around in bikinis in their music videos.

akb48 dating ban