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Pass mir auf den Jungen auf. Sie ist Single seit Oktober/November 2016. Erst nach dieser Zeit sehen sich beide in einem Luxus-Resort wieder erstmals angezogen...
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in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars". "Thus, the average number of killed and wounded during the Korean war was three times the total number of killed and wounded in the five years of the Iraq war. It seems unlikely to me that there would be 51 people posting regularly to this newsgroup, dating tv shows leave aside 51 all waiting with bated breath.19 to read a copy and paste about NSW tax policies. That is roughly the number of ground combat troops the US presently has deployed in Iraq. The American phase of the Vietnam war lasted 14 years and resulted in 47,378 US battle deaths and 304,704 US wounds, an average of 25,149 casualties per year and an average of 66,792 during the four years of, the height of American fighting. We have "re-liberated" Mosul three times and "re-liberated" Ramadi four times.

At the height of the Vietnam war there were 67,000 ground combat troops there. Anything above five ratings is suspicious, particularly if they are unanimously positive or negative, but in the case above, on the face of it, 51 separate people rated the LJH identity within 11 minutes - one every 15 seconds - all of them agreeing, apparently. But now I'll let George Appenzeller speak in his own words. Most of them are probably "Bonzo who, precisely because he's so busy, never has time to do much more than copy and paste. All those American civilian truck drivers and Bangladeshi cooks have freed up troop slots that have gone to the combat arms." No, Iraq has not yet reached Korea and Vietnam proportions. Five years ago, it was victory - ie success - but this has now been transmogrified into a mere "prospect" of success. For by my reckoning, we have now "re-liberated" Fallujah twice. Most people don't bother, even if they agree.

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